Training and Skills

Alex Shingles DOP

Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts (Acting) – ACTT 2007

Acting: John O’Hare, Kate Gaul, David Berthold, William Zappa, Jo Turner, Kevin Jackson

Screen Acting: Les Chantery,  Khristina Totos, Miranda Harcourt, Sam Haft

Voice/Singing: Linda Nicholls-Gidley, Simon Stollery, Rowena Balos, Pat Wilson, Amanda Thane

Voiceover: Amy Longhurst, Gravy for the Brain, Dave Stein

Movement: Gavin Robins, Mary Cerny (Alexander Technique), Chris Ryan (Feldenkrais)

The Serpent’s Teeth – Photo by Clare Hawley


Languages: English native speaker, German native speaker, Basic French

Accents: Standard American accent, RP accent, German accent, French accent

Instruments and Singing: basic drum set and piano, intermediate classical singer (mezzo-soprano)

Special Skills: LLB Law with German Law (King’s College London) and paralegal experience, translation of German language plays into English

Roberto Zucco